Thursday, April 21, 2011

What do you do when your life becomes meaningless

What do you do when you wake up each morning almost hating yourself and your life? Do you continue going on hoping that things will get better, do you run away and try to start a new life or do you just end things. At some point people find that there lives are not where they want to be. When this occurs you might become angry and hostile. I know I have. I have this feeling on the inside, almost like anxiety. I try to explain to people how things are but no one listens. I feel lost and I don’t know what to do. I use to be somewhat happy but things have changed for the worse. My mother and I constantly disagree because I have my boyfriend basically living with me. She feels that he is using me because he does not pay anything towards the rent. I try to explain to her that it is not as if he doesn’t have a place to go. He lives with his cousin but I like for him to stay here because he lives too far to be going back and forth. Honestly, I have become a little dependable on him sometimes. I know that it is not good to be but I have. He helps pay a little of my electricity bill because I noticed the bill jumping up. So he agreed to pay that. But everyone seems so angry. My mother is angry because of finances and because she feels that I am purposely trying to be not part of the family. My boyfriend is angry because I disagree with him and I don’t want to talk about the subject anymore. I just don’t know where things are going anymore because I hate feeling this way. I am trying to just continue going on but I can surely tell you that it is not as easy as many people explain. Maybe I should just simply pretend that everything is ok but then I question what kind of life is that. I just want to be happy and beautiful. It is a selfish want, I know. But I feel that I am the only person that has me. I have to be my own best friend because what happens when they are all gone? What happens when I am by myself and no one answers their phone? We all make different life decisions and choices and change a lot in a year. If you don’t like your life you have to figure out to change something.

Sunday, March 21, 2010


So I was on my twitter account and I saw these new tweets from this guy I know. And he's just talking about all the sex he's having and unprotected at that. What I don't understand is why you would want to have sex with someone that constantly has unprotected sex. And then you glorify your sex life by constantly giving details, showing pictures and videos. I mean at some point in your life you have to have some type of class. And when everyone sees your dick and knows what type of std's you've had how much class can you really have? Honestly, there must be something wrong mentally with you. Because the average person tends to be a little weary of having sex with more than 1 person a day and unprotected sex. Opps I mean maybe that's just a smart person. It's really inevitable that you'll get hiv and the sad thing is you'll still be fucking people and they'll still be fucking you!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Have sex and still go on dates!

I know that their are a lot of people out there that believe in waiting on having sex until they are in a relationship. And I totally respect that but, now and then it is ok to have a little fun as long as you're safe. Now if you're the type of person who likes to have fun but is still looking for love I'd advice you not to tell the person you're going on dates with you're sleeping around. I personally feel that people like the idea of you being somewhat pure or untainted. And let them think that. I mean, sometimes in beginning of dating you have to play like this cookie cutter role. You don't have to. It's just a facade that some of us put up to get people to fall for us. I love how this turned from sex to dating advice. But, I personally use to be the type who would fall for someone and tell them that I like them and put my feeling on the line. But now I see that people honestly don't care. So I play the game just as they do. If I happen to call or text you and you don't reply? Well, I see that as if you're not interested. But the problem comes down to when you're both playing the games. How will either of you actually let one another know that you're interested? It's so terribly hard these days. Mmm...

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Beautiful Hanging in the Buff.

Who knew disney got you a body like this?

A Friendship that always Ends!

It's over, I'm down... We are not friends again for a second time... but I promise you there will be no third. I'm not going to be treated like a piece of shit, I really had strong feelings for you but I guess those need to be thrown out the window. Love no more. Forget the fun we had. You were rude, ignorant, and didn't always consider of peoples feelings. You claim besties know best but you don't fucking know SHIT KISS MY ASS!!! FUCK YOU!!! Because I will spot another you... You stole from the fucking thrift store and snorted prescpition drugs... but did I tell the people you were talking to how unstable you are? NO!!! You claim to not be a freak anymore but you really are just in better clothes and a tan. You are mentally not well to be friends with anyone because you think everyone is shady. This bullshit was bound to Happen cus Nigga I deleted u the first time when I heard you was talking shit about me...I will try my best to pray for you... but it's going to be quite hard because of all those times you made me feel inadequate. Having people like you in my life make me understand what a true friend is. Learn from this shit you fucking dumb ass. Cus I will not be back, I will not try to be there for you ever again... You were No good friend to me... I was a good friend to you... I made you're life more stable even though you always tried to make it you and I. You have an addictive personality and I hope the next person you get isn't as stupid as me. I hope they can read you and know you're no good and sick and twisted. Ur the type of guy who would step on a rabbit and think it's fun. GOOD RIDDENS AND GOD BLESS.By the way, I'm keeping the cardigan... it's a gift for all the shit I put up with you

Being a dad can make you more desirable!

Ricky Martin is looking hot as ever with his twin boys. As you know Ricky had a sergeant mother to carry his 2 little ones. Who knows shy he's a single dad. Or maybe he isn't. I mean, it's easiest enough for Ricky to have a lover or even a fiance that many wouldn't know about because he isn't that far in the limelight as he was in his, "Living La Vida Loca" days. But having the kids makes him that much more desirable. Because it shows that he can commit, is head strong, and independent. And what Woman or Man wouldn't want that? P.S. I hope the kiddies grew to be more attractive, cus right now! Those twins certainly didn't get their fathers genes.

OK! Exclusive my Ass!!!

So recently Sherri Shepherd recently got into a bikini on the View. Well, now she's stripping down again for OK! Mnn... umm... that's a sight for sore eyes. I mean there's a lot of work that she need to get together. One of the major ones, being a breast reduction. Her breast are the first thing you see and they are just getting scarier and scarier each day. I honestly don't think she'll be able to lose much weight because her body needs to support those huge balloons. Second, we gotta tone up your arms, make them look less saggy. Then she should be good. : )